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Dating Isn't About Rules.
It's About Confidence
...and Kindness


What could be more important than our connection with other humans? As a matchmaker of many years it is the coaching that always seems to connect me and my clients in the most meaningful way. Helping people to become approachable, break old patterns, create new outlooks and become confident in what they have to offer is, for me, the best job ever.

After creating my YouTube channel, Coffee with Carey, (there is a link in the menu), a dating show originally geared toward women over 50, it became apparent that both men and women 25 to 75 are all hungry for the same conversations about relationships and dating. Everyone is looking to learn about and make the same discoveries that my matchmaking clients were experiencing.

I help people navigate the dating world, discover more about themselves and better understand the people they hope to attract. I teach them how to best deal with current external dating challenges and most importantly find their own inner confidence. 

If we are on the same page after our FREE initial conversation and you choose to have me accompany you on your journey, you can expect honesty, support and a person who truly wants you to grow into the best version of yourself.


You have questions...

  • Am I doing something wrong?

  • Why does this feel different than the last time I was dating? 

  • Are my friends right; am I too picky?

  • Am I the only one who thinks this online thing is a waste of time?

  • How do I stop over-analyzing and doubting myself?

  • So that went well, should I call him now?

  • What are these boundaries everyone is talking about?

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