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Is Coaching For You?


Are you clear on your relationship goals?

Are you following some set of dating rules that don't seem to feel organic ? 

Do you know the best places to meet new people?


Is flirting second nature or a foreign language?

Are you looking for a life partner but meeting people who have a very different agenda?

Do you get a little nervous wondering what you will talk about for hours on a first date? 

Has your career been your focus and you've just now realized you need to find a partner?


Are you convinced that 'all the good ones" are taken'?

Do you get stuck in negative self-talk or are you your biggest cheerleader?

Have you been in a relationship for so long you have no idea what dating even looks like in 2024?


Are most of your first dates leading to second dates?

Do you feel you are doing all you can to be approachable but not meeting anyone?

Are you always confident and comfortable in what you've chosen to wear on a date?


Do you ever find yourself on a date and not listening, but instead wondering what you will ask next?

Is this a good profile picture?

Should I tell someone right away that I will not be drinking alcohol on a date?


Are the dating apps frustrating and taking up too much time for so little a pay-off? Like NO payoff?

Should we decide to team up and join forces on your dating journey here are some reasonable expectations.

You should be learning to...


Let go of any hurt, bitterness and resentments from your past.

Tap into your personal brand of confidence in all dating situations.

Date quality men and women, never again wondering if you should settle because you may never 'do better'.

Attract positivity to your life because that is the energy you will be putting out into the world.

Be the best date your partner has had since forever... leading to more second dates.

Look forward to and enjoy dating, knowing that you’re in full control of yourself, and therefore, the situation.

Honestly discuss your needs and maintain healthy boundaries.

Own the power and strength to be alone but know you are 'choosing' to share your life with an equal.

Have a good understanding of the opposite sex, where their actions make sense to you.

Know the difference between chemistry and compatibility and use that knowledge to make good dating choices that lead to having  a long term, loving partner.

Act with confidence and inspire trust, drawing people to want to be with you.

Stop with the self-sabotaging and learn how to let go of limiting patterns and beliefs. 


Come to terms with compromise. You don't have to be right all the time if it means being alone.

Fix your picker, get out of your own way, and out of your dating rut with your new outlook.

Recognize your blind spots; there's nothing like a second pair of eyes.

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